Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Physical Training Is of Some Value; Godliness Has Value for All Things

I woke up this morning in pain for the third week in a row. Before that I tackled Insanity for 4 weeks but had to concede 4 days shy of finishing Round 1. Siatica or Radiculopathy I'm told.

Ridiculous, if you ask me. I've been to a masseuse. I've seen a chiropractor. I went to the doctor. I've tried homeopathic. I passed out on pharmeseuticals. 

I am still in pain which is ironic because I started exercising to prevent back pain. I feed off of exercise. I need exercise. It keeps me sane and relieves stress. I'm glad that my daily spiritual exercise is so much more effective, less painful, and longer lasting.

Makes me wonder if I'd be more happy fatter than fitter. As I contemplate that today, here are my conflicting thoughts on Ash Wednesday Eve.

Fat Tuesday
Fit Tuesday

Do nots



Gorge oneself

Last Hurrah
Least hungover

Farewell to the flesh
Headlong into fun


He Is Done ("It is finished")

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  1. I love the word play with the opposites--and the thoughts they provoke. I hope your back gets to feeling better soon.